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Short-Form Video: Updates and New Offerings

Short Form Video

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How often have you been scrolling through your feed and a short video has caught your eye? You watch the whole thing, right? It’s only a few seconds, maybe a minute of your time. Short-form video is as popular today as when we first wrote about it back in 2022.

In fact, even more brands are using short-form video to connect with audiences. Updates and new offerings from some big names in social media are causing buzz, and the utility and performance of short-form video is undeniable.

Here are a few notable statistics from Sprout Social which highlight the value of including short-form video into your marketing mix:

  • Short-form video delivers the highest ROI compared to other marketing trends and will secure more investment in 2024 than any other format.
  • Eighty-one percent of consumers want to see more short-form videos from brands in 2024.
  • Sixty-six percent of viewers will watch the entirety of a video if it’s less than 60 seconds long.

Additionally, eMarketer shares that social video grew into the largest channel of U.S. social ad spending in 2023. In 2025, social video is expected to generate more ad spending than linear TV.

Social Video's Share of Digital Video Ad SpendingImage credit: eMarketer

Prevalent advertising platforms such as Meta and YouTube have been making constant improvements to ensure their platforms are compatible for short-term video use. Strategies including harnessing the growing capabilities of AI, creating more and more options for advertisers to connect with audiences. LinkedIn is even jumping on the short-form video train, testing TikTok-like short-form vertical video in-feed.

Let’s take a deeper look at today’s short-form video scene with some notable updates from three big platforms.

As a constant innovator, it’s not surprising that Meta is on the list of platforms making significant updates to accommodate short-form video. Ninety-one percent of Instagram users watch videos on the platform weekly, and 80% of Facebook Stories that incorporate sound or voice over drive better lower funnel results. With these data points in mind, Meta has refined some features with operational integrations, leaning into AI to better serve both advertisers and users.

Meta has introduced a more dynamic feature for Reels for advertisers. Advertisers can now use catalog-based videos in Facebook Reels (still being tested in Instagram Reels) to showcase multi-destination product ads rather than static images. This allows users to easily swipe through multiple products at once. It is powered by Advantage+ Catalog Ads. Advantage+ utilizes AI and machine learning (ML) to automatically deliver relevant product recommendations to people based on their interests, intent and actions.

Advantage+ will also automatically size ads to fit different aspect ratios, saving time and resources for advertisers when repurposing creative assets for multiple placements.

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Furthermore, Meta launched Reminder ads on Instagram which allows advertisers to build awareness, anticipation, and consideration in advance of launches, events and moments. Advertisers can now include external links to a new product or sale in Reminder ads to help turn interest into a purchase on Reels.

It’s anticipated that by 2025, YouTube’s lead over TikTok will shrink, and its worldwide ad revenues have declined YoY.

YouTube's Worldwide Ad Revenues Declined YoYImage credit: eMarketer

To climb its way back to the top the platform is appealing to creators to help them stay ahead in the short-form video game. With its Partner Program (YPP), YouTube is hoping that revenue sharing will entice creators to stay with the platform or even switch from TikTok.

So far, YPP seems to be beneficial for creators. Since introducing revenue sharing for Shorts, more than 25% of channels are earning revenue through the short-form video format. YouTube Shorts got its U.S. launch in March of 2021, and it already accounts for 20% of the total video content on the platform.

Shorts are also a strong point of engagement for the platform, which will be beneficial for brands and creators. Despite ad revenues in decline, YouTube Shorts lead in engagement with a ratio of 5.91%, even greater than TikTok and Instagram Reels.

You might not think of short-form video for the business networking platform, but LinkedIn has recognized the importance of including this captivating style for its users. It’s a shrewd move as U.S. B2B video and ad spending are projected to continue to grow through 2025 to $2.45 billion.

US B2B Video Ad SpendingImage credit: eMarketer

The social business hub is testing a dedicated vertical feed of short-form videos (similar to TikTok), where users will be able to engage with professional short-form video content. The new feed will be available on the “video” section of the navigation bar, and users will be able to swipe through short-form videos to explore content.

No word yet from LinkedIn when the video tab will be available for all, or if advertisers will be able to monetize the feed, but if LinkedIn is looking to compete with Meta, YouTube and TikTok, that is likely down the pike.

In short
Short-form video continues to grow in popularity, garnering deserved attention from major platforms. The investment being made in these updates and new features prove that short-form video is a vital piece of the marketing puzzle, both for platforms and brands. Short-form video captures user attention, receives strong engagement and can help move customers through the sales funnel. Brands that want to connect with target audiences (B2C or B2B) should consider embracing this type of content if they haven’t already.

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